Stress suppresses immunity.

Tapping releases stress.

So let's do some tapping to release stress and boost our immunity!

Are you concerned about any of the following?

  • You or those you love getting sick
  • Possible school closings
  • Shortages of necessities
  • What you'll do if you can't go to work
  • Cancellations of important events or travel plans
  • The economic impact of social distancing
  • All the uncertainties around what's happening now and what may happen in the futre
  • Anything else about the spread of covid-19...

If you answered YES to any of the above, join St. Louis Wellness Center provider Alison Morris to address all the fears, stresses, worries, and more swirling around the coronavirus and how it's affecting our lives using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping).

We'll meet ONLINE, so you can tap along from the comfort of your own home. You do not need any prior tapping experience - you'll learn by following along and you'll be able to tap on your own by the end of class!

Studies have shown that tapping can reduce the stress hormone cortisol by as much as 37% and can increase immune function by as much as 113% (via epigenetic changes in gene expression)! Tapping also sends calming signals to your brain, and allows your nervous system to relax.

When we're stressed, our body diverts resources away from repair, healing, and regeneration. One of the systems that gets "robbed" of energy is the immune system. So let's acknowledge the stress we ARE feeling and tap it away so our bodies have what they need to keep us healthy and strong. 

Tapping is a kind of emotional acupressure, where you use your fingertips to tap on specific acupressure points on your face, head, and upper body while connecting with an emotion,  sensation, or belief. It's gentle, it's effective, and it's safe. (And once you learn it, you can teach your kids how to tap, too!)

In short, tapping was made for times like these!


About Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner Alison Morris

I've been using tapping for years now to help myself and others feel better - often quite quickly. I've taught a LOT of online tapping classes, although through the St. Louis Wellness Center I more usually offer in-person sessions and classes.

People sometimes wonder why they should work with a practitioner or provider when EFT was designed to be self-help technique. Here are some things to consider:

  • For starters, if you've never tried EFT before, it's a lot easier to learn in a class than via a book or video because you can ask questions, get clarifications, and have a trained professional watch what you're doing, give you feedback, and keep you safe. 

  • It's often harder to actually get yourself to do any tapping if you're not committed to going to a class. And you only get the benefits when you actually do the work! (This is true for me as well.)

  • It can also be more enjoyable to do this work in a group setting. With EFT, you can tap along with others and still get great results. This is called "borrowing benefits."

If you have questions, please reach out at